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Garden gifts seed bombs called garden bon bons

Grilling Herbs Garden Bon Bons


Garden gifts 

Grilling Herbs Garden Bon Bons

Grilling Herb Garden Bon Bons.jpg
Grilling Herb Garden Bon Bons.jpg

Grilling Herbs Garden Bon Bons


This presentation is a box of handcrafted garden seed ball truffles. There are eight garden truffles in this herb collection, two each of Oregano, Cumin, Cilantro/Coriander and Chives.

Garden Bon Bon descriptions:

Dimpled Red Clay Truffle = Oregano/Origanum vulgare Dark green aromatic leaves. 8”-24” ht. 80-90 days to harvest.

White Clay Truffle Dusted w/ Turmeric =Cumin/Cuminum cyminum Fragrant leaves. 6”-12” ht. 100-115 days to harvest.

Red & White Clay Brownie Square = Cilantro(Coriander)/Coriandrum Sativum Cilantro leaves; coriander seeds. 12”-18” ht. For multiple leaf harvests cut off the leafy top 1/3 weekly. For the seeds, cut stems after flowering and hang upside –down until dried. 50-55 days to leaf harvest, 90-105 to seed.

Red Clay Truffle w/ Coffee Bean = Chives /Allium shoenoprasum Biennial, 8”-30”. Leaves and seed edible. Hang cut stems upside down to dry seed.

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