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Garden gifts seed bombs called garden bon bons

Cocktail Garnish Garden Bon Bons


Garden gifts 

Cocktail Garnish Garden Bon Bons

Cocktail Garnish Slow Drinks Bon Bons.jpg
Cocktail Garnish Slow Drinks Bon Bons.jpg

Cocktail Garnish Garden Bon Bons


There are eight garden truffles in this handcrafted herbal tea selection - two each of Basil, Borage, Lemon Balm and Anise hyssop.

Garden Bon Bon descriptions:

Round Red Clay Truffle - Italian Large Leaf Basil /Ocimum basilicum. Classic Italian larger-leaved sweet basil. Hot in artisanal cocktails these days, throw in a mojito or . 24"-30" HT.

White Clay Truffle with Coffee Bean - Borage/Borago officinalis. Leaves and flowers are cucumber-ey in flavor. Borage was originally used in Pimm's Cup recipes. Muddle leaves for a martini or throw the bright blue flowers into an ice cube tray for dazzlingly sophisticated cocktails on the rocks. 36"-48" HT.

Red Clay Truffle Brownie Square - Anise Hyssop /Agastache foeniculum. Licorice-mint flavor. 24"-36" HT.

Red Clay Truffle with Peppercorn - Lemon Balm/Melissa Officinalis. Aromatic lemon-mint flavor. Switch out with traditional mint for mojitos. 18"-36" HT.

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